Where to Get a Certificate of Disposition and What to Take with You

Are you a defendant in a current court case? Do you need to get a certificate of disposition so you can prove the current status of your case? If so, you may not have been told exactly where to get one, or what you need to take with you to be able to do so.

Where a defendant can get a certificate of disposition -- A current certificate of disposition is usually only available at the central clerk's office. You must go to the office that is in the same district as the court your case is being tried in to be able to get the certificate for your case.

Items you should take to the clerk's office -- You cannot just go to the clerk's office and get a certificate of disposition, however, as you must also have certain items with you to be able to do so.

Items you should take with you include the docket number of your case. You should also be able to give the clerk your full name and date of birth, along with a current photo I.D.

You will usually also be asked for the date of your arrest, so double check that before you head to the clerk's office to pick up your certificate.

Finally, make sure you also have money to pay for the a Certificate of Disposition. In most cases, it will be around ten dollars.

Can you send someone else to pick it up? -- In most areas, you can also send someone else to pick a certificate of disposition up for you. You must just make sure you also send a letter giving them permission and, in some states, that letter must be notarized. That is why, in most cases, it is easier just to get it yourself.