What Is The Purpose Of A Certificate Of Disposition?

Well, to begin, other than knowing what a Certificate of Disposition is, you should know and understand why it's needed in all 50 states. Basically, it's an official document from a legal court of law that indicates the current status usually of a criminal case or its final disposition. That said, if a person has ever been arrested or convicted of an offense, they must get a Certificate of Disposition for every arrest, from the Court Clerk in the county where they were arrested. You should also be aware that you have in your possession the following items:

* A photo identification.
* Date of the arrest.
* The docket number if it's available.
* The exact amount of cost you must pay the clerk.

What A Certificate Of Disposition Will Tell You!

This Certificate will tell the person what offenses they were charged with as well as what offenses they were convicted of. This Certificate will also tell the date they were convicted, as well as the sentence that was imposed on them by the court. If you have been arrested more than once, you will be required to get a separate Certificate for each incident.

Obtaining A Certificate Of Disposition / Conviction!

There are several inexpensive and easy ways to get a Certificate of Disposition.

* Call the court and see if they will mail, fax, or email you a copy. You might have to pay a fee via credit or debit card, but this is better than standing in line at the County Courthouse during business hours.
* Hire a records retrieval service to go to the Courthouse and pick one up for you.
* Hire a private investigator to do that chore for you using your credit card.
* Hire an attorney to handle this conundrum.